The Condom and Other Stories

By Peter Chika

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Cheating spouses and conniving friends. Strong women, shrewd operators, and a strongman (or two). Crooked police and clergy. Artful dodgers.

The Condom and Other Stories presents a colorful cast of characters whom readers will simultaneously cheer and boo in seventeen stories laced with humor, snappy dialog, and the odd twist.

~ How does a philandering London lawyer explain the condom his shocked wife found in his clothes that morning?

~ Can sophisticated Ada hold her breath—and misgivings—long enough to finish consulting the musty mystic healer on her childlessness?

~ Why does nonchalant Nez seem to be doing everything she can to fail her visa interview at the US Embassy?

~ Will straitlaced Susan, a chorister and prayer warrior, come up with a ruse in time to stop her partner from yielding to the rapacious preacher?

The intrigues keep coming in this entertaining collection which is told at a lively pace. As the heroines and heroes navigate testing encounters and relationships, their inflamed passions, conflicted moralities, and nifty schemes combine to produce a series of amusing results.



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